Maid Services

Our maid service is simple!

$35/hr for each maid No other fees or charges for traditional housekeeping services in Cincinnati!

We offer professional and reliable housekeeping service with your family’s safety in mind. Our uniformed employees come to your home, on time, guaranteed.

You may notice that our maids often clean without using rubber gloves. How many cleaning services can say that? That is because we use quality green cleaning products. The products our maids use are not harsh chemicals and we test them in our homes, before we use them in yours.

Here is how our service works:

  1. Call our office at 513-549-5491 or fill out a cleaning request
  2. Place your deposit
  3. Our office will contact you to confirm your information and schedule your cleaning
  4. Click here to download our cleaning service agreement.
  5. Print the contract, sign it and leave it on your kitchen counter (without this we cannot complete your cleaning).
  6. We clean your home with environmentally responsible products.

We often send two maids instead of one. This makes the work more efficient but you still get the same amount of help at the same price.

For example: 1 maid x 3/hrs = 3 hours of cleaning at $105 2 maids x 1.5/hrs = 3 hours of cleaning  at $105


  • We have a minimum charge of $70
  • As we visit your home more often, your cleanings will take less time.
  • We do clean windows, do dishes and laundry but these SIGNIFICANTLY increase the time needed.



Cleaning Estimates

We have provided an estimate of the amount of time your cleaning may need below. These estimates are based on an average home that our service cleans bi-weekly. Every home is different so these are only an estimate.

Cleaning Apartments: 1 Bedroom Apt with 1 Bath – 1 to 2  total hours 2 Bedroom Apt with 1 Bath – 2- to 3 hours 2 Bedroom Apt with 2 Bath – 3 to 4 hours

Cleaning Houses: 2 Bedroom House with 1 Bath – 3 hours 2 Bedroom House with 2 Baths – 3 to 4 hours 3 Bedroom House with 2 Bath – 4 hours 3 Bedroom House with 3 Bath – 4 to 5 hours 4 Bedroom House with 3 Bath – 5 to 6 hour


Ready to place your deposit? Click the “Buy Now” button below or give us a call at 513-549-5491

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