A Green Cleaning Service

Cincinnati’s Certified Green House Cleaning Service

We Clean Cincinnati – A Green Cleaning Service

Green cleaning to help our families throughout Cincinnati has always been important to us. We started by one woman doing cleaning for charities and local seniors in 2002. As we grew we knew we wanted to offer a better, more professional service and in 2004 we were incorporated as part of We Help LLC.

The housing market was boom and bust for us as it was for many Cincinnatians. We stopped accepting new clients and focused solely on the loyal customers we had. We were constantly getting requests from their friends and family to clean their homes. In 2012 we relaunched our service as We Clean Cincinnati with the opening of our new cleaning website. Our focus is on our community and the families we serve.  We are not providing the cheapest housekeeping service, just the best.

A commitment to our environment and our community has always been a large part of our philosophy. Here is how we are a different kind of maid service

  • Our Maids Are Real Employees – No subcontractors. This protects your family and helps our community by giving people, real jobs
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance – If one of our housekeeper is hurt in your home, our insurance pays for it, not yours.
  • Fully Bonded – This is to protect your home and its contents
  • Fully Insured – No one is perfect and years of experience tell us mistakes will be made. We take care of our clients
  • Professional Cleaning Products – Our maids use products we buy through a special supplier, not the brands you buy at Kroger’s.
  • Green Cleaning Products – All of our products are natural and plant based. Safer for your home, family, pets and our environment.
  • No Bleach, Ammonia or Phosphates – These are all chemicals that pollute our water supply and are poisonous to our clients, their pets and children so we don’t use them.
  • Reduce – Our products are bought in super concentrate which reduces the amount we need to use, disposable packaging to be thrown away, fuel to be shipped and more
  • Reuse – We don’t use paper towels because they destroy trees and add to the landfills. We use special cleaning clothes we can sterilize weekly
  • Recycle – We recycle everything we can. If recycling isn’t available in your area, we will do it for you. Just call our office for details.

We hope you agree that hiring a green cleaning and maid service is important to protect your family and the environment. If you feel the same way as we do, we hope to work with you soon.

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